High Bluff Services, LLC (HBS) is an Alaska Native Corporation (ANC) owned company specializing in federal government contracting.  Headquartered in Anchorage, Alaska, High Bluff Services is a subsidiary of the Becharof Corporation, village corporation for Egegik, Alaska as established under the terms of the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (ANCSA) in 1971. High Bluff Services is a Certified 8(a) and small disadvantaged business.

Grass and water and town

Core Capabilities

We are a full-service Alaskan Native Corporation (ANC) that offers a wide range of professional services to support your business needs. Our expertise includes program management, facility support, logistics, health services, specialized training, and many other professional services. Acting with integrity worthy of our shareholders, our deep commitment is to provide exceptional services aligned with high-performance business solutions to achieve extraordinary results for that competitive edge.

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Why High Bluff Services?

We participate in Bristol Bay Native Corporation’s (BBNC) in-region government contracting program (IGC).  BBNC has over 30 years of experience in government contracting including construction and many areas of government services. BBNC is our regional Alaska Native Corporation. Through IGC program, they provide us free mentoring, business development, marketing and operational consulting resources to build our resume and execute contracts effectively.

Experienced Business Expertise – our staff are experts in government contracting business development, contracts management, proposal writing, accounting, project management and subcontract management.

Strong Leadership – our Board of Directors is comprised of professionals from many different business areas and are fully supportive of the executive team.

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